About MBS Academy

We are a worldwide training institution focused on providing Business and Technology related training events in Oceania, South-East Asia and the Middle East.

Our events have strong focus on practical work - scenarios, exercises, case study analyses and all of our clients are leaders in their fields.

Over 200 years ago Benjamin Franklin said "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."  These words express very well our philosophy about teaching - Knowledge is retained best when participants are actively engaged.

Our Mission

To deliver practical enterprise-wide training, led by experts.

Corporate Masterclasses
Our Masterclasses are delivered by experts from a number of industries. They are developed to provide maximum interaction and participation for the attendees. When you come to one of our Masterclasses, you will spend 30-40% of the time in practical work. This will include scenarios, practical exercises, round-table discussions with other students.
Tailored In-House Training

Our in-house training is based around the specific needs of your organisation. When delivering in-house training we will work with you to identify topics and content most relevant to you at the time. Afterwards, we will design our training around these and change all scenarios and exercises to be based on your organisation or industry.

Training Bootcamps

The Bootcamps we offer are designed to offer a deep learning experience to all participants. They are focused on the practical side and are best suited to students who have attended one of our Masterclasses.

Our Clients

Department of HealthDepartment of CommunitiesShell - Brunei
Westpac BankUniversity of QueenslandMaybank - Malaysia
Private SchoolsFoxtelSecurities Commission - Malaysia
Syntronic - MalaysiaExxon Mobile - MalaysiaSecurities Commission - The Philippines
Petronas - MalaysiaTenaga Nasional - MalsysiaUniversiti Teknologi Petronas - Malaysia
Dragon Capital - VietnamTelekom MauritiusMIHI - Marshall Islands

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